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Finelia Guarantee offers an online environment tailored to the responsibilities of each user. The tool enables you to manage the entire life cycle of a guarantee or StandBy Letter of Credit (counter-guarantee, bank, insurer, parent company,…), from its preparation and issuance to its final release, including the document preparation in case of claim from the beneficiary.

With Finelia, a company benefits from a comprehensive view of all its international liabilities (outstanding amount per client, country or bank, total financial costs…).

For example, users can prepare the order letter, have it approved internally, and send it to the bank. Amendments and deadlines can be monitored thanks to personalised alerts. Treasurers can consult contingent liabilities and monitor real-time the utilisation of their facilities, keep track of financial expenses and follow up the guarantee progress.

Spec sheet

Multi-Bank Solution

Automated processing of messages transmitted from / to your banks (via Swiftnet, Ebics or email).
A single platform to communicate with all your banking partners.

Treasury Management

The tool dashboards and the customised reports help you to optimise your credit line management (Monitoring dates of payment, credit limit, credit period; Monitoring credit lines by bank, by branch, by business unit,…), with a alerts system to warn you, for example, if authorised limits are exceeded.

Interface with Information Systems

Integration with ERP systems for automated processing of LC and guarantee applications.
Import of data into your ERP system, expected release dates,…

Guarantee Process Management

Finelia’s integrated features allow you to monitor the processing of guarantees: follow-up of fees and upcoming releases, amendment requests, partial or total release requests,…

Centralisation of Liabilities Management

Finelia centralises on a collaborative platform guarantees, amendments, exchanges with banks, stakeholders, related documents…
Finelia Guarantee is a management tool which can be used by departments in Trade Finance, Treasury, Logistics and Import-Export to organise and share information.

Report Generation and Cost Management

The reporting module enables you to obtain personalised reports (e.g. outstanding amount by business unit, entity, bank, amount of financial costs by counterparty, bank, time period,…).
Finelia enables you to monitor individual bank conditions for an automatic calculation of bank fees.

Main Aim: Providing Userd with an Accurate and Up-to-date View of Liabilities

The software provides reports showing the outstanding amount for each guarantee on different dates, consolidating it by contract or by client. The Finelia centralised tool can be used across all entities and business units, for a more effective information management both locally and on a group level.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved visibility of liabilities
  • Reduction of financial costs
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Reduction of counterparty risk

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